We’re building an earth-scale fabric for connecting people and devices to their physical world.


Meet ABi Zero

ABI Zero is our prototype autonomous inspection drone. It works as a mobile IoT platform that automatically collects data required to monitor industrial facilities.

We empower people to collect data at rates and locations previously unobtainable while reducing their need to work in dangerous or hard to reach areas.


See ABI working live, at your facility or ours, by joining the pilot program below!



ABI was designed to operate with little interaction to continuously extract information from a site.

The user easily sets waypoints through our app or by simply carrying ABI and guiding her through the environment. Thereafter, ABI will autonomously navigate to complete her mission. Scheduling missions, reviewing data, and setting alerts can be done anywhere with our app. No RC or flying skills required!



We engineered ABI from the ground up to operate indoors in close proximity to people. Using a combination of depth cameras, inertial sensors and novel computer vision algorithms, ABI understands the surrounding space, her position, and the position of other moving objects without the need of GPS.


High Quality Maps

We leverage real-time 3D mapping to understand detailed geometry of environments, allowing ABI to navigate along collision-free paths. The map is also useful to associate information collected to locations within the 3D world. For example, users can place notes over certain equipment, measure volumes, or visualize flight paths.



Charging Base Station

ABI knows how to return home for charging so she’s ready to repeat her journey over and over again. With the base station's screen, nearby operators can easily  view the current mission's status such as time to return home, the location of ABI in the environment, and her battery charge.


Multi-dimensional, Spatially-Tagged Data

ABI collects multiple streams of information within a 3D context, ranging from 360° video for situational awareness, thermal imaging to help assess the health of equipment, and gas sensors for detecting organic compounds or CO2 that may pose health hazards.



Just as the clear vitreous gel transports light and gives structure to our eyes, at Vtrus, we are engineering the visible and invisible aspects of perception that will shape the future of spatially-aware, socially engaged, human-friendly devices.

Our growing and diverse team of designers, scientists and engineers are bound by a common set of principles:



We iterate on our iterations after we're done iterating. Taking on challenges piece-wise allows us to quickly break the paradigm and build it back better.



We pride ourselves on being able to learn from each other and our partners to amplify the scope and impact of our work.



We use what we can find, but more often than not we're modifying it for the perfect fit.



We believe in the power of connected devices to improve our lives through their cooperation amongst themselves and with us.


our team


Renato leads the computer vision team and provides overall company strategy.

He obtained a PhD In Robotic Vision from Imperial College London.

Previously he started Surreal Vision Ltd, a UK startup developing 3D mapping and tracking for VR which was acquired by Facebook/Oculus.

Renato is a 2015 MIT Innovator under 35.

CARLOS R. SANCHEZ, Chief Design Officer

Carlos is a mechanical engineer leading the design and hardware systems integration of Vtrus products.

A former reliability engineer in the oil industry, he brings expert domain knowledge on industrial inspection practices.

He is a boater, guitar player and enjoys flying quadcopters through breathtaking landscapes.

JONATHAN LENOFF, Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan focuses on the day to day business operations, electronic design, and low level coding at Vtrus.

He has 5 years of experience as a founder in consumer electronics startups and has helped start several companies that have cumulatively shipped thousands of units B2C and B2B.

He is experienced with controls design for such companies as GE, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

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