ROBOTICS Scientist

Work on some of the most sophisticated problems in your field.

At Vtrus we are enabling a future where devices can socially collaborate, perceive and learn like humans using cloud-based spatial AI.

As a robotics scientist we expect you to architect our core robotics perception, planning and control stack that will be fundamental for driving a variety of novel devices in our pipeline.

This exciting position is within the first layer following the founding team and as such it offers one of the most rewarding experiences in helping to orchestrate and nurture the development of a world-class technical team, as well as the ability to take part in key company-wide decisions. Your responsibilities and commitment will be rewarded with generous stock options and competitive salary.

At Vtrus we reward and encourage scientific publications and facilitate activities to remain active in the academic community.


  • PhD in robotics or related areas.
  • 2+ years of experience within a commercial or academic environment.
  • Publications in renowned conferences and journals (ICRA, ICCV, CVPR, RSS, etc).
  • Desire to lead a technical team and prototype diverse types of robots from wheeled to aerial, underwater, etc, alongside mechatronics engineers.
  • Hands on attitude: being able to lead a team whilst getting involved in prototyping, designing experiments or writing new software.
  • Solid mathematical background.


  • Robotics control: Model predictive control, PID, force control, novel machine-learning approaches.
  • Motion planning and obstacle avoidance on dynamic environment with humans.
  • Formulation of kinematic and dynamic system models and their computer simulation.
  • Sensing and estimation: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Visual-Inertial Odometry, Kalman Filter and variants, calibration and sensor fusion from range and intensity cameras, IMU, GPS, sonar, etc.
  • Experience designing system architectures and familiarity with frameworks such as ROS, OpenCV, PX4, Ardupilot and/or Pixhawk
  • Comfortable programming with C/C++, Python, Matlab.


  • Dynamic, pet-friendly atmosphere with spectacular views over the Salmon Bay in Seattle.
  • Discounted gym membership.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Flexible working hours.


  • $90K-$150K salary according to experience.
  • 0.5%-5% stock options according to experience.


To apply, please email with your full name, phone number, and resume. We look forward to hearing from you!